How to transform a boat with the GardaSolar and Gardenergy system

A boat that use the conventional outboard so far can easily be converted into an electric boat with the GardaSolar system and the Gardenergy electric motor.

The advantages of this transformation are many and important, not only for the absolute elimination of noise, vibrations and smell of the exhaust gas, but also for the minimum maintenance that this engine requires.

The Gardenergy engine marketed by GardaSolar is submerged and consequently eliminates completely noise and vibrations and, as with all electric motors, it offers maximum torque already starting from zero revolutions; important feature when making mooring maneuvers or to deal in certain situations.

The boat equipped with the electric engine is also able to navigate in the lakes closed to the vessels equipped with an internal combustion engine, increasing in several countries thanks to the stringent anti-pollution regulations implemented by the local administrations.

In the video you can see the transformation of a boat originally equipped with a 6-horsepower internal combustion engine with a 2kW power unit that operates at 24 Volt of voltage.

The conversions start from the simple replacement of the outboard with the customer who decides to install the batteries, until the complete overhaul of the boat with the respective installation of the steering wheel system and its accessories.

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